Juan Castaneda – American Diablo

JUAN CARLOS CASTANEDA is a cinematographer and a film director based in Miami. I interviewed him for Continuance Pictures. He makes striking documentaries, and takes you where the hard stories in the world happen. Juan also writes fantasy. He told me what he is writing now, it’s dark and beautiful: a new kind of superhero. I listened, and I swear you could have peeled me off the ceiling.

In a way, it’s where I’ve been all my life – between the magic and the darkness. There is so much horror in the world but you also see the most magical things.

Juan Carlos Castaneda

Remember! You heard about him first on my blog, and you read the full interview on The Occasion for Continuance Pictures. We are going to know more about this man. I cannot wait. What an honour it was to write this, I feel so alive to be part of it!

Juan Castaneda’s work is on Human Pictures – Films For Justice.

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