A bit of garden in my workspace

I’m so behind with blogging. All I’ve managed is to share photos of Jacks as it continues its festival run. Not that I’m complaining about that! On the contrary, this is all so new for me I can’t believe it’s happening.

Piano lessons have started up again this week. I had intended to do some home visits all week, a chance for some value added in the holidays. But the latest Covid restrictions have stopped that. So students who wanted lessons in the holidays have met me online. I’ve had some wonderful feedback from parents and texts from students. Feeling the love big time. ❤️

Am excited about the next interview for The Occasion. He’s in Miami and we had a beautiful chat for a couple of hours. That’s for early February. Also have a couple of stories about local Kooralbyn residents doing good things. Hopefully get to that soon. Anyway, this morning I brought in a few cuttings from the garden, lavender, cornflower, some other flowers so don’t know the name of! Plus a strand of lemon grass. Nice to have it by me while I write.

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  1. Nothing better than to grow it , see it, pick it, smell it , love it , so rewarding , so soothing , enjoy your flowers as you write 💕

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