Desdemona, Olivia Rose Austin and The Poet’s Wife arrived!

My roses arrived today. This is my third attempt to grow David Austin English roses since I moved to Kooralbyn. Every time they die because of drought and water restrictions (because they’re not well established), I tell myself it’s the last time I’m going to try that. But it’s hard to give up!

This time I’m going to put Desdemona, Olivia Rose Austin and The Poet’s Wife into big pots. This way in a drought I can use the watering can on them. I can also move them around, maybe shield them amid bushes. Apparently they love full sun, but the young buds on my last roses crumbled to dust in the heat. Plus they’re supposed to be English roses, so surely one hour of Queensland sun is worth about 5 hours of UK sun? My friend Heather disagrees. She owns a holiday home near me, but actually lives in Adelaide. Heather’s a fabulous gardener and has David Austin roses everywhere! She says they like the sun but not humidity, and she thinks Kooralbyn is humid! No way! But she says I haven’t experienced dry in Australia. I cannot imagine it!

Heather’s David Austin roses. I reckon she knows a thing or two.

So here are some of my past roses, short lived as they were. Sigh.

New William Shakespeare
William Morris
Charles Darwin

I mean, how can I give this up? I hope growing them in pots means I can control the quality of the soil better, I don’t have rich soil in my flower beds. If I keep the pots near a tap, I’ll be able to maintain them with a watering can, and not need to get the hose out.

Now I’ll have to look for some pots. I went to Beau View hardware in Beaudesert today. They said to come back next week when the sales start. They’re so nice. I will be there!

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