The Occasion #2 – A Big Step

The second article in my series The Occasion is about Brisbane-based filmmakers Joel Stephen Fleming and Sian Laycock, who recently stepped into the world of commercial comedy drama. Their series ‘The C Word’ is in development with Continuance Pictures, and Screen Australia backed the project with a professional writer’s room and script editing.

“We’re so new to the whole tv writing thing. It’s such a big step for us, so it was important for us to show what we do. We stuck to our guns on some things that we are passionate about. But we both found this to be a really eye-opening experience.”

Sian Laycock, writer

Here’s the logline:

Siobhan is a 20-something, single, aspiring poet, who is searching for her place in the world. In her desperate quest for transformation she tells a terrible lie that will change her life forever.

It’s really a Brisbane-focused story. The writing introduces the Brisbane music scene, which is renowned – several top Australian bands come from up here. It’s something we’re including which is iconically Queensland.

Tristan Barr, Continuance Pictures

Read the full story here: “A Big Step” in The Occasion.

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