Bella and Neo – Smetana and Symphonic Metal

This is my piano student Bella and her dog Neo. Bella is originally from Finland. When she plays Smetana’s “Vitava, Die Moldau” Neo starts howling to it. Neo also understands Finnish. It sure makes for an interesting piano lesson. We’ve moved on now, and Neo is quiet. Bless. Or should I say Bliss?

Bella was telling me about music in Finland, and she and her dad are mad about metal music, especially symphonic metal! That sounds fantastic. She said there’s opera in it too and everyone goes wild. Doesn’t that sound so good? Bella’s just finished Moonlight Sonata and is playing some romantic movie themes for a switch. Maybe later she can find some classical metal music, I would love to learn that with her!

“We’ll be playing all the low bass notes,” she said.

How awesome that would be!

VKGoesWild is one of my favourite pianists on YouTube. Here she is playing Slipknot. Bella – I think she lives in Iceland, and she’s playing all the bass notes! 👍)

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