Limes from the tree but no gin #iso

After four years the lime tree gave up its first fruit! I was watering the garden super early and caught my breath to see proper sized limes. They actually grow out of the ends of the branches. Fancy that!

But there’s no gin at home and I’m not due to go to the shops for a while. Sigh.

I harvested some lemon grass too. That had gotten quite unruly.

Lemon grass, trimmed

It’s always nice to bring something inside from the garden. I haven’t done it for a while. After trying to keep the meadow flower seeds going through the drought but finally giving up, I’d turned my back on the garden in exasperation. I stopped watering completely. It was too hard and expensive. The plants were on their own.

The lemon grass, curry leaves, and French lavender (photo from a few years back) survived but the roses didn’t. I’m done with high maintenance plants. I might keep a rose in a pot in the shade, but they’re too much work for me in the flower bed.

I guess these will find their way into a spicy Asian dish. I should think of a dessert. Some kind of citrus soufflé or lime pudding. That’s a very iso thing to do, everyone’s baking, right? Anyway, stay safe and try to keep your internet going at all costs!

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