The nearness of you – Unplugged piano/vocal

That last video was so fun I did another one, this time on the acoustic piano. My voice is so quiet, you’d never hear me unplugged, except I managed to play IN BETWEEN singing the lyrics. It worked! I’m quite pleased. ”The Nearness Of You” is a Hoagy Carmichael ballad. I love his songs.

The backing comes from the iReal Pro app, which is on my phone. I connected my phone to my Roland fp 60 using bluetooth, so the backing track played out of the Roland’s speakers. The IReal Pro chords look like this on my phone.

The Nearness of You on iReal Pro phone app

Incidentally, the guy that invented the app is an Italian double bass player, and a programmer. He wanted an easy way to store chord changes on his phone so he could stop carrying lead sheets around. The app is now so widely used and the global community contributes new songs, checked meticulously by the admins. (The forum threads are a geek’s delight.) The back catalogue is massive, as you can imagine. I bought the app in 2013 on the recommendation of my beautiful friend, the late John Stefulj and I use it all the time. Although I’ve only recently started to use the backing tracks. You can change almost everything; the instruments, the tempo, style, key, number of rounds, and you can edit and make your own versions. I’m only learning about all that now. Just to be clear, I am not paid in any way by iReal Pro. I just live by this app!

That was a bit of a digression! Anyway, being in lock-down has benefits, More video or audio coming, I expect!.

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