Happy Easter Sunday

This is the piano in the Beaudesert Uniting Church community hall. I play it during their Wednesday Coffee and Breakfast Mornings (pre-COVID19). I’m not a religious person but I really love the very inclusive, outreaching vibe that comes from them. The piano keys have been wrecked and then repaired. It’s in tune and someone’s clearly looking after it.

This is pretty typical of their notice board. I’m so pleased to know them.

I find even dodgy pianos are comforting to play. It’s the organic thing; pressing wooden keys which raise levers with felt hammers so they can land on copper-wound or steel-wound strings. That’s poetry in mechanical motion. Like printing presses before desktop publishing. Imagine physically setting up all those different fonts to print newspapers! Artistry and craftsmanship would have been required to make the settings.

If you like reading about old pianos, here’s something about the inside of my piano.

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