Drawing Pokémon and dogs sulking over Brahms’ lullaby

Drawing Pokémon and dogs sulking over Brahms' lullaby

No we didn’t draw Pokémon during Luke and Mitchy’s theory time, but we did talk about them. Sitting on the floor around the coffee table, Mitchy took to drawing treble clefs and as his enthusiasm grew, so did the size of his treble clefs.

Musical Darth Vader

Here’s Mitchy’s musical Darth Vader, with a treble clef for a nose, a bass clef for an ear, and two middle C semibreves for eyes. His lightsaber is a note with a very long stem, and his legs are two beamed quavers. Oh, and his mouth is a minim rest 😊.

Luke had a eureka moment when he finally understood why E to F was only a semitone apart while F to G was a tone apart.

“Go look at E and F on the piano.”

Luke runs back. “Oh now I get it! There’s no black note between them so it’s only one step to get from E to F!”

Pokémon only came up because sitting around a coffee table reminded me how much I used to love drawing with my son Miles when he was Mitchy’s age. We used to draw Pokémon. I vaguely remember drawing Blastoise and Charmeleon. And maybe a shark one? I showed them Chihiro from Spirited Away and Luke said a girl like Chihiro was also in Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbour Totoro. I had used IKEA watercolour pencils and Luke said they used them in his school too.

Elsewhere… meet Rosie! She’s a staffie and kelpie cross, who was rescued by mum Naomi and daughter Robbi as a pup, after been thrown from a moving car. Rosie’s usually boisterous in the most loving way and has Robbi in peals of laughter when she bounds into the room and tries to sit on my feet during piano lesson. She’s a big, muscular dog! However, today she is sulking. And howling!

Rosie is sulking!

Why is Rosie sulking? Because Robbi is learning Mr. Brahms’ Famous Lullaby from the Piano Adventures series lesson book, Level 2A. Apparently it was on a musical toy to send Robbi to sleep when she was little, and Rosie learned that it meant her bedtime too. Now Robbi is playing the melody but it is way too early to go to sleep! Rosie thinks she has to go to bed so she’s slumped down on her pillow, in a strop and objecting loudly! Hilarious!

Here is the lullaby.

Mr. Brahms’ Famous Lullaby from Piano Adventures lesson book Level 2A

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