End of another year

Thank you to the parents of my students for trusting me to teach your kids this year, and thank you to my students for your enthusiasm and perseverance. Ruby, Jack, Chloe E, Robbi, Grace D, Millie, Molly, Bryce, Bethany, Grace C, Mikeely, Pania, Tom, Ava, Luke, Mitchy, Willow, Rafael, Jess, Sasha, Emma, Aeisha, Joshua, Valerie, Chloe T, Daisy, Alice, Joe and Micah – you have all worked hard, and you know I respect that 💪.

Molly, you have shown me how bravery, determination and being positive can overcome all things. Robbi, you taught me what amazing gains can be achieved from working on a small keyboard (and now you have a digital piano!) Millie, you blossomed this year in piano! I barely recognise the young lady sitting in my studio, and it’s wonderful. Grace D you love playing duets and your pieces so much it inspires me! Tom, you have made huge gains from zero beginnings this year and I love to see how you go to YouTube and enjoy learning music from there too. Grace C you take on new pieces from everywhere that I barely need to teach you. Well done to everyone who took exams, especially those of you who took them for the very first time Micah, Alice, and Emma.

I look forward to seeing you develop further next year! We’ll make more and more music for sure. ♥️

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