Congrats Micah, Daisy, Alice and Emma!

Congratulations to my students Micah, Alice and Emma who took their very first Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exams this term, and to Daisy, who took her third exam to date. They all passed very respectably, some with absolutely flying colours! Most importantly, everyone enjoyed themselves.

I think it’s character building, having to rock up to a new establishment, sit in a waiting room with your piano pieces, be ushered into a practice room (without your parents!) so you can warm up before going on to perform to an examiner and be marked for it.

Hopefully it goes well, or as they say here, “You nail it.” You skip out of the studio and someone takes you out for ice cream. Then there’s the long wait… But doesn’t it feel good to eventually get that certificate in the post and pour over the report, even if it’s handwritten with a lot of unfamiliar music vocabulary and parents can barely decipher it.

Ready for the next one?

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