Millie plays a ragtime duet

Millie plays a ragtime duet

I’m very proud of Millie, who has worked with me and grown so much this year. She came to me with some bad habits (resting her thumbs on the wood below the piano keys especially) dodgy counting, and she hated reading bass clef notes – like so many kids!

Here she is playing a ragtime duet with me. Lots of syncopation, and you really need to count well and keep a strong beat to duet that! We are very pleased.

Over time I discovered Millie loves Billy Joel songs! One day she said:

My all-time favourite Billy Joel song is “And So It Goes” and one day I want to be able to play it.

This is a girl after my own heart, I thought. What a beautiful song. So I wrote out the main melody for her – in the bass clef 😀 Want to learn “And So It Goes” Millie? Here it is in left hand notes.

Frustration! Anguish! But she was back the following week, and she could play it. Attagirl! Since then, I’ve written the main melody for her right hand, and the root chord note for the left (since she can read them now…) As Millie develops we can upgrade this piece with passing notes. It is beautiful in its simplicity and she will play it soon. Here is Billy Joel performing it.

Thank you Millie for the chance to work on such a nice project with you.

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