Nicole Krause – Turning Canungra Pink

Nicole Krause is represented by Agency888 for acting work. What a pleasant surprise to find out that she lives in Canungra, in the Scenic Rim! Nicole told me more about the massive fundraiser for cancer research she’s involved in, Turning Canungra Pink, and you can find out more about that on their Facebook page. Here’s what I wrote about Nicole, and of course she’s on the Agency888 blog too.

Nicole is a stylish, accomplished event organiser, and she bejewels animal skulls! Originally from Switzerland, she raised the family on the Gold Coast before moving to the hinterland, where she and the dogs enjoy some 66 acres of land, and all that the Australian countryside has to offer. Nicole has working experience with cattle and horses, and knows about Australian country communities, as a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Canungra.

Nicole exudes optimism and competence, and she backs up her interest to work in film and television with some solid training.

She has completed Agency 888 courses Front of Camera, Level 1 and The Star Spangled Banter (American accents), as well as the Get Set Course for Background Acting with Casting Director Bud Hopes.

She is a major organiser for the annual event “Turning Canungra Pink” which takes place in October, and raises funds for cancer research. Canungra is a bustling, very pretty town about 30 minutes’ drive from the Gold Coast, and acts as the gateway to the greater Scenic Rim area.

“In October everything in Canungra becomes pink. Hundreds of motorbikes are dressed up in pink and the bikies go for a big tour, before coming back into town and having lunch. There’s music and food, it’s a big market day and a very nice part of our community.”

Nicole also helps smaller online and hobby businesses. “This happens every season, so the next one will be the Spring Equinox. We hold a little market in a place called the Blue House on Appel Street. It’s useful for people who have never been involved in markets, they can come and have a little play.”

Nicole has a spectacular niche hobby-business decorating animal skulls, and she would be the go-to for film makers looking for such artefacts!

“I decorate animal skulls, especially buffalo, horses and cattle. There are two of us and we’re known as the Crazy Skull Ladies. I’ve always collected skulls, and I was fascinated with bones and things as a kid. I saw an American site where they covered skulls with Swarovski crystals and they looked amazing. I couldn’t buy one because it was a skull from overseas. So I thought, well if they can do it, I can do it. I showed my mate – we work together rescuing horses – and one night we sat down with a load of feathers, rhinestones and old jewellery, and started to glue stuff to the skulls. It was fun! I make sure I know where the animals come from. Some of the cattle skulls are my own, they’ve got a story behind them, and I create the art on them. My own animals usually have a name. When people want to buy them they will ask, “What do you call her? Where is she from?” They become quite attached. There is a beautiful one, called Rosie, in a boutique called Jakama on Gallery Walk, up on Tamborine Mountain. A skull with great big horns! She’s beautiful.”

Nicole radiates positivity and turns her ideas into reality. What film set doesn’t want that?

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