Bye bye plants

Gone! The flower beds are bare. The shrubs were young and not tough natives. There hasn’t been rain for months, and I just cannot keep watering everything. So I moved the roses – one under a tree, and the others into pots. The one under the tree may have had it. It’s in total shock! Sigh.

Last year
Last week 😦

The ones in pots might make it – they’re hidden under a big shrub! No flowers, but that’s fine. The leaves are green. Just survive, guys!

Two roses in pots

Hopefully they’ll live through winter to see another day.

See you in the Spring, I hope!

For the empty beds going down the slope, I’m thinking about sowing meadowflower seeds in the spring. Wouldn’t that be lovely? In my mind’s eye I see cascades of colourful wildness lining that wall. I wonder what the reality will be like…

dry and barren

Something to look forward to, eh?

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