Time to buy a tablet

It’s time to think about buying a tablet to read sheet music. 2019 is going to be a busy musical year, with The War Of The Worlds radio play happening in March, and a fab musical later in the year in Beaudesert, which I’m very excited about. In 2019 I will accompany the McAuley College choir, and it means dealing with a lot of paper, unless I go digital.

I started out wanting something like a very big Kindle for reading scores, I thought the e-ink would be kinder to the eyes. But music professionals are steering me towards the bigger iPad Pros, pointing out how much more you can do for virtually the same amount of money.

So, I’m coming around to it, and looking at bluetooth page turner pedals as well. It will be my first foray into the Apple world. Deep breath…


  1. Joanna

    Joe – that’s exactly what I am thinking. iPad Pro 12.9 inch, and a page turner pedal. Please let me know how much memory you have. I’ll go for more rather than less memory too. Excellent Joe. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Joe Manricks

    Hi Joanna
    I have been using the largest IPad (12.9 I think) and I have more than 250 titles saved from all the bands I play with. I even have the Hanson finger exercises saved. I bought the one with the biggest memory and an ITurn pedal. I also got a power bank and a pencil and keyboard. I pack it all in a briefcase sized hard case. Just brilliant!! It was a bit expensive about $1,700 but absolutely fantastic. Ring me if you want to know more.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family

    1. Joanna

      Hi Joe, I couldn’t bring myself to buy an iPad Pro!

      Firstly it’s expensive for a pdf reader (which is what I want it for), and secondly I’m an Android and Windows person and I want to stick with Google Chrome and Drive etc. I ended up going the other end – to Kogan! Bought the Kogan Atlas Go tablet/laptop, with keyboard and Stylus pencil, all for arouy $450, and Airturn Bluetooth pedals for around $250 (after delivery from the U.S.) Am thrilled with it all. Am just using Adobe Reader at the moment, and the pages turn “forward” rather than up and down. Maybe I’ll use other software later, but all good for now! I’m sure the aesthetics of the iPad can’t be beat, but I’m happy with this.

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