❤ Agency 888

Working with Agency 888 again is so good.  I joined their books in 2013, doing work as an extra and on commercials. I stopped for a few years to focus on building my in-school piano teaching business. 

This year I wanted to work with 888 again, and hoped the schools had enough confidence in me to accommodate a little disruption. When I expressed this, everyone was very supportive! They said the children will like it, and it’s good for them to see someone they know working in this exciting area, which is seen as a growth industry on the Gold Coast

Agency 888 is a team of very competent, energetic and understanding people, I am so lucky to be with them. They respected my need to develop the “regular” work, and welcomed me back. 

In June I went to their Brisbane office to update my photos. Makeup artist Tessa Labelleame got her brushes out! (Incidentally, Tessa was this year recognised by the Australian Screen Industry as Most Valuable Crew Member on film sets.)

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and so in these sessions I always think I look like a Martian. Then I see the photographs, and the results are great. So I think: they’re the experts, just let them decide what they want me to look like.

Makeup artist Tessa Labellame is just getting started…

Well, that’s fine when the shoot is for a client. When it’s your photos, then you’re the client and you need to know what you want. Photographers and makeup artists find it helpful if you tell them what you want to achieve, and I found this quite embarrassing. Furthermore, at a Ben Parkinson Casting workshop I attended last month, special guest speaker Kristina Sexton suggested it is actually lazy to leave it to other people to do all the thinking for you. Erm… okay, in the future I will say more. 😳

Ben Parkinson casting workshop Marina Mirage kristina sexton agency 888 gold coast advertising television commercial film extra actor acting
Ben Parkinson workshop, with Kristina Sexton. From Agency 888’s Facebook page.

Since June I have done extra work in a film and two television jobs including one speaking role on an international TV series.

As a person at the low end of this pyramid, these are the things I try and do to be employable: 

I’m punctual. Call times can be early, like 6.00am for wardrobe and then makeup, for a 7.30am shoot. If it takes me an hour and a half to get to the location, I will probably leave two and a half hours before, in case of a breakdown on a country road, or I might get stuck behind a big heavy truck… whatever! I don’t want to be late! Better to get there early and sleep in the car. The good thing is, they want you to turn up with nothing on your face and no product in your hair. So getting ready in the morning is thankfully a doddle. 

I watch what I eat and drink for the week before the shoot, to avoid being bloated. Then if there is a costume ready (they already have your measurements) hopefully nothing will be tight. 

I try my best to listen to instruction. Everyone’s busy, there’s a lot of expensive equipment being used, time is money. I don’t want to get in the way or cause shoots to take any longer. Everyone is very professional and clear about what they understand to be going on. If a mic needs to be attached underneath my shirt, a sound man or woman will tell me exactly what they are going to do and ask me whether that’s okay with me. No misunderstandings for anyone. If I’m in any doubt about what I’m supposed to do, I just ask. No one ever minds if you ask.

Working in media and entertainment is fun and hopefully the industry will grow here. If you are interested in this, I hope some of the links in this blog are helpful. 

Photo by Terje Sollie on Pexels.com

Local links. Agency 888 talent agency, Bud Hopes Film & TV Casting, Ben Parkinson Casting  

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