Carols at Wongaburra

Music heals the spirit and is a gift which should be shared. I went to Wongaburra residential home in Beaudesert last week to play Christmas carols and other songs for the residents. I played my melodica too, and they really liked it! They had me playing loads of old songs like: Pack Up Your Troubles, A Bicycle Made For Two and It’s A Long Way To Tipperary.   

People were so appreciative and applauded after every song. One lady made the effort to come right up onto the stage at the end to tell me she loved the music and could sit all afternoon listening and singing along. A nurse told me afterwards that this lady has dementia, as do many of the residents. For me, that’s the perfect reason to play piano there, because only good things can come from listening to live music played. 

The staff asked if I would play during the Christmas lunch this week. So of course I said Yes. It’s a privilege and I’m delighted to be able to do it.

image from the Wongaburra website

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