A good year for melodica

Here are a couple of photos from Carols At Christmas in Jubilee Park. My friend Corinne was in A-Choired Taste, also performing that night, and she sent me these photos. Thank you Corinne! 

In the picture below, you can see the leather strap handle on the back of the melodica. Many players hold the handle itself, like Kiki Sanchez in this beautiful video of him playing Stella by Starlight, but I’ve always preferred to hold the melodica. 

This is a Suzuki Hammond Pro 44H. It’s pretty loud by itself, but there is an output jack at the bottom to plug into an amp.

Hubby Mike took video during the event but it was very noisy, with lots of kids running around.  Here’s a clip from the soundcheck, there’s still the wind but no-one is around yet and it gives an idea of the sound of the melodica.

I’m using a Suzuki trumpet-shaped melodica mouthpiece, which I really like! It channels the air into the instrument well, and I’m less tired when playing. Before that, I preferred to play with no mouthpiece, but I would become hot and bothered, and run out of puff. I find the default mouthpiece a bit uncomfortable to use.

Spoilty brat – trumpet mouthpiece and ukulele strap!

This year, I bought a pretty (and soft!) Paisley-patterned 1-1/2 inch ukulele strap with medium leather ends, handmade in Australia. It’s just the right length to hang around my neck. Players of these bigger melodicas often use guitar straps too.  

2018 has been a good year for playing melodica. Hopefully more to come in 2019! 

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