O Holy Night on melodica-audio

O Holy Night is one of my favourite Christmas carols. When I play it, I remember midnight Mass at the English Martyrs RC Church in Wembley Park, London where I played the organ for ten years.  I think of the other members of the choir, guitarists and singers, making music there year in and year out. 

Some eight or nine hundred people would fill the pews and stand all around the church. The choir was at the back of the congregation and the exit doors were behind me, opening and closing as more people piled in. They made the muffled sound of winter coats and shoes. Midnight Mass in London is cold.

O Holy Night on melodica

In Australia, Christmas is hot. Like, 35 degrees hot. It is quite. mind. blowing. I haven’t played carols on melodica before, but I’m going to play several this week in Beaudesert, during 2018 Carols in Jubilee Park which is hosted by the Beaudesert Rotary Club. Here’s a post about it. Maybe I’ll see you there. 


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