Jeanne and me at FOTOM April 2018 video

Here are three videos of Jeanne Reynolds and me at the Fire On Top Of Mountains event in April 2018. This event was organised in conjunction with the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Jeanne always looks lovely and she sounds sublime. Usually we are singer and pianist, but this time I stuck the piano onto a backing track (with bass and sometimes drum machine) so that I could play my melodica on a stage!

This is my old Suzuki Pro-37 key melodica. The sound engineers taped a little mic to the end of it where the sound comes out.

Can you hear the rain? We looked out to a crowd of umbrellas! Luckily the weather cleared up later and the evening event was wonderful.

When I get a chance I’ll play my gorgeous Hammond 44H which sounds less bright and has its own output jack!!! Imagine! Need to practise more to be worthy to perform with it …šŸ˜…

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