Little Performances

Here are a couple of my students playing duets with me during an in-class performance at King’s Christian College in Pimpama.

BJ is just in his second term learning piano. Recently he played me something he had worked out all by himself, using the black notes. I was so pleased! It sounded good, and more importantly, it took real effort. I’m a slogger, so above all else I always appreciate someone’s hard work.

In this video, we play two little songs from a Primer Level lesson book, and then we swap places and BJ plays his original composition 🙂 . I add a little melody over the top.

According to his mother, BJ is shy about performing in front of people and she said it was great that he played today.

In the video below, Chloe plays her favourite piece, “Beauty And The Beast”. We often wrap up her lesson playing this together, and we usually play it flawlessly! However, playing in front of your peers can be a bit unnerving and today Chloe looked sooo serious! 😀

Chloe’s mother said this is a big step for Chloe in piano, and when she’s in the choir she’s more relaxed and smiles a lot.

Next time round, I think I can expect BIG SMILES from both BJ and Chloe. Right kids? 😉 WELL DONE!

[A special Thank You to King’s Music Teacher Mrs. Malcolm, who invited me to join my students in their performances today, and to the students’ parents for granting permission to include video in this post.]

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