Jessica’s Theme (piano audio)

My friend Laura is the mother of my student Patrick. Laura said I should learn “Jessica’s Theme (Breaking In The Colt)” by Bruce Rowland.

You have to watch the movie “The Man From Snowy River” first. Then you’ll know the context when you learn the song. That’s how Australians know this song. People will recognise it.

I watched the movie, and here is “Jessica’s Theme”.

It’s a 1982 film about life for early Australian settlers in the outback, and their horses!

I can well believe that many people will recognise this, if I played it at the resort, for example.

Another parent, Stephanie, urged me to learn it a few years ago, but it’s taken me till now to get around to it. Stephanie’s daughters were my very first students in Australia, and her bromeliads fill my garden!

Looks like I was always going to learn this song. Another part of my Australian experience. 🎶

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