Steamed red snapper

DJ’s Sensational Seafood were in Kooralbyn today. Mike had previously asked them for a fish head and a whole fish. So today he came home with a massive Red Emperor fish head (more about that in another post) and this gorgeous red snapper, cleaned and scaled. Look at those clear, bright eyes!

I made a few cuts into it and chopped off its tail to get it into our wok. I wanted to steam it but didn’t have the right equipment, so I made a makeshift steamer.

The ingredients are very simple. Sliced ginger and spring onions, and chopped chillies (to mix with soy sauce).

On the side, I heated peanut oil and a little sesame oil in a small pot, until smoking, to drizzle over the cooked fish afterwards.

Cover the fish with ginger in a pretty criss-cross pattern (not achieved here) and place into the makeshift steamer, now with steamy boiling water).

Lid on! Oh no, the fish’s gills and mouth opened and it’s all pressing against the lid…

I steamed it for 13 minutes (11 mins on the timer then just left it on for a bit more. That’s probably too long, but I have an old electric stove and it’s a big wok on a small electric ring…)

Cover the cooked fish with spring onions, and drizzle that smoking hot oil to cook the onions and make everything sizzle and smell marvelous. Apologies for the agonized expression on the fish. Not much I could do about that.

It’s so much better eating this at home. 1) If you order it in a restaurant you probably have to share it with several other people and 2) you have to eat politely. How are you supposed to suck on the bones and all the gooby bits, and lick your fingers in public? No way.

All gone.

Thank you so much to Darell and Janelle Jones. When time permits I’ll post about some other cooking experiences we’ve had with their help.

Recently Mike cooked a chilli Queensland mud crab. It’s was my first one. It was green (Darrell says “green” when he means “live”. I’ve figured that out now.) It almost got through the plastic bag (shudder).

Anyway more about that another day.

DJ’s sensational seafood Facebook page is here.


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