“Audition, The Fools Who Dream” (melodica audio)

This song from “La La Land” has a lot of rubato, which is my favourite way to play.

I played the piano part first, then found it hard to play the melodica after, because I had to anticipate my own pauses and changes in pace on the piano (and of course with no one to watch as I played).

Afterwards, I came across a fantastic Song Exploder interview where the composer Justin Hurwitz said that Emma Stone sang the song on set in one take, while Hurwitz accompanied her on piano.

So Stone leads and the piano lags behind.

In the interview, Hurwitz said:
“That’s what happens when two people make music together; things are not perfectly in sync.”

I will make a second version of this, with the melodica leading, and the piano following.

I played from the “La La Land” songbook. It’s the first hard copy music book I have bought for myself in decades! I didn’t play the piano part note for note, more a mixture of chords and some phrases.

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