Mike food – hot

My husband Mike is a demon cook. I mean, I’m okay, but he is the real deal.

His homemade chilli oil completely changed what we eat at home! All I wanted to eat were foods we could add chilli oil to!

When he wanted to make homemade dumplings I said:

“You take care of the filling, because you’re the obsessive “taste” guy. I’m going into the garden. When I’m back, I’ll wrap the dumplings.”

Mike agreed. “Get me some chives, please.”

Yep. I grow chives around my roses – they’re supposed to keep aphids away.

Mike shared this link which was great for reading the different ways to cook dumplings. I didn’t read the ingredients because Mike had done his filling already.

So here are little dumpling soldiers all lined up. Plus a few parcels – we used up all the different “wrap” things in the freezer.

Mike said, “Fry them in a pan for a few minutes to brown the bottoms, then add a little water and put the lid on.”

Sounds innocuous enough, right? I added some water…PTSSHHH! Vicious hissing steam everywhere! Slam that lid on!

Just your average kitchen drama…

Anyway, I survived. (Mike was watching Aussie rules footy by this time. Oblivious.)

Happy tummies.

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