Soirée at McAuley College!

Last week my piano students played at the end of semester soirée at McAuley College in Beaudesert. They were excited and nervous, and quite pleased with themselves, I think! I was so happy for them.

So well done Ava, Bethany, Bryce, Charlotte, Grace, Joel, Luke and Molly. You are a credit to yourselves and did your school and your piano teacher proud!

Before the concert started, Ava snuck up to the piano and played her entire lesson book to warm up! When it was her turn, she did just great.

Grace was exactly as her name says, playing two lovely songs perfectly and very happy to perform to the home crowd.

Joel has discovered the magic and advantage of Improvisation, he can change it a little bit every time…

Luke was the first piano performer and did a fine job walking up and introducing himself to the audience, before playing his two songs.

Bryce did well too, although sometimes he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights! Bless!

Charlotte played a tranquil song about a pine forest, and later she presented me with a box of chocolates from the school, too!

Molly and Bethany weren’t performing live, but we had videos of them both to show, and that was just fine.

Along with piano students, there were solo and group performances by students of guitar, voice, plus the school choir.

Here we are – the instrumental teachers with McAuley College Music Teacher Megan Field.

, Soirée at McAuley College!

From left to right: Megan, Lachlan, me, and Erin.

I’m ready for a holiday now! Have a wonderful break, everyone 🙂

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