New baby! Hammond PRO-44H (audio)

My new melodica arrived at the post office from Japan!

It’s a Hammond Suzuki Pro-44H melodion.

Its range is from bass C to treble G, and even though it’s an acoustic instrument, it has an internal mic and output jack to plug into an amp or recording interface.

It comes with 3 mouthpieces, a short trumpet-style one, a stiff tube, and a flexible tube.

I’m going to try and play this like a wind instrument – not a little piano. The sound is determined by breath, not the fingers, and I’m going to learn how to control my lungs better, to make beautiful, expressive sounds.

It Never Entered My Mind – Rodgers and Hart

In this audio, I’m not using a mouthpiece. I’m blowing directly into the body. Hear those lovely bass notes! I want it to sound like I’m playing just to you. Does it?

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