Here’s what happened in Term 1 2018…

Hey there, students and parents! Are you ready for Term 2? I had a wonderful break, and hope you did too! Here is a reminder of some of the activity which happened in Term 1.

I don’t consider myself a particularly strict teacher, but have come to realise that I really care about some basic things. Where possible, a student should play with soft hands, should count correctly, and should press notes with feeling. We are playing music after all, not pressing buttons on a machine. Without these basics, I find it hard to move on. It’s like watching someone walk incorrectly without acknowledging it. How will they run if I don’t address the issue?

Of course, to progress, there must be effort. That is a life lesson, applicable to much more than piano. Perhaps more than anything, I really appreciate effort. I am a slogger, and slow and steady is definitely my motto. If you work hard, for sure I will hear it and cherish it. 🙂

I have broken this into sections by school, but I hope you will click around to see what others students are doing. Another student might be playing something your child is about to start!

King’s Christian College

McAuley College

Private students


I teach in the homes of my private students. Maybe that’s why silly things happen more often. Here Sasha is playing March Of The Goblins. It’s an exam piece, but we tried to play it together. Sash must have worn me out that evening, I gave up before the end…

Kids with siblings have to concentrate! Luke is playing this exam piece Plaisir d’amour, determined to ignore his little brother, who is dancing madly to the right of the piano. In the end he can’t help himself and sidles up to his big bro…can you see his little feet?

Alice is all bubbles and lightness. I made her duet New World Symphony with me. It’s excrutiatingly slow, and she has to count semibreves – tied ones even! She just has to burst out her frustration at the finish!

Term 2, here we come! Are you ready?


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