Teaching In The Scenic Rim

When I first arrived in Australia, watching television was an obvious way to learn about life here.

I loved Landline, with all its moving stories about rural life, entrepreneurship and survival.

As I become a piano teacher in the Scenic Rim, I feel very privileged to be stepping into this world, albeit in an oblique way.

My student Patrick is a smart, cheeky lad who introduces me to all his horses, donkeys, chooks, guinea fowl, dogs, cats and budgie! Every time I visit, he opens up with: “Have you met…?”

“Have you met my donkeys Rosie and Sunday, and Meg our pony?

I rarely post faces of children on my blog, but this is his lovely mum Laura. Laura knows a lot about agricultural life, and I hope to follow her around a little, when our schedules allow, to learn more about this wonderful world around me.

Laura, with Roy and me

I have been showered with warmth from the moment I came here, from neighbours helping me shoo away a snake from my garden, to parents sending me home with plants from their gardens, eggs from their chooks and homemade marmalade and pickles.

Feeling the love. My first Tangelo marmalade, made by Laura’s mother, using fruit from Laura’s tree.
Snake in my lavender. Are you serious?
Nest of goldfinches in Patrick’s garden

As time passes I hope to write more about living in the Scenic Rim, as an ex-Londoner. I’m so stoked to be here, and very grateful.

Passing roo on the local golf resort


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