Student’s drawings and eggs from his chooks, and homemade pickle

Patrick, my 8-year-old piano student, drew a picture for me. I mean, the care that has gone into it, I am so moved. Plus they’re great drawings! Thank you Patrick! <3

His mother, Laura, sent me home with a dozen eggs from her own chooks.

“The little ones are from the Bantams, they make a lovely snack,” she said.


So guess what my breakfast was today? 😀

freshly laid egg soft boiled

Earlier in the week my friend Leonie gave me a jar of her homemade pickle, made with zucchini and tomatoes from her own garden. It tasted fabulous, sweeter and tangier than Branston, which I also love. It’s making my mouth water writing about it!


My Mike is always looking for local tastes. Last year, he discovered what is now our favourite local honey, in Tamrookum. The other day he came back with corn-on-the-cob from a shack off the Mt Lindesay highway at Laravale.

From London to the Scenic Rim. I’m very grateful and wouldn’t swap it for the world.

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