Early days

[Posting clips of my students performing lets them know I’m proud of them. Learning music – like learning most things – is a series of little steps, every step significant, and hopefully taken with a sense of pleasure and adventure.]

At the beginning of the year I took on my first local private students in Kooralbyn.

One family of students consists of two daughters and their mum!

How’s many times in your life have you heard someone say: “I always wanted to learn piano but never did…”

Well, busy Joanna felt the same way, running her own business and being a mum. But she believes that life is short, so if you want to do something, better start!

About 5 weeks later, here we are playing a duet. All credit is to her. I can show you the way, but the journey’s all yours, Joanna. Well done.

Daughter Alice is bright as a button and cheeky too! All this stuff about reading dots and pressing wooden keys is just a big game to her! But hey, it’s cool to play things she recognises, like Old MacDonald and Yankee Doodle.

Alice takes direction well and had been keeping her hands soft and her fingers down. Won’t be long before it’s Abba and Harry Potter…

There’s another lovely budding pianist in the family, and Daisy’s sure to turn up in a post all of her own, soon. 👍

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