Melodica is in a People’s Orchestra!

Melodica is in another orchestra! Her first one was in 2015. I played her at a rehearsal and everybody loves her! I mean, what’s not to love? She’s a beaut!


Fires on Top of Mountains (FOTOM) is a 12-month, multi-art programme, leading up to and continuing during the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

The FOTOM projects will celebrate all things about the Scenic Rim. I’m in the Beaudesert section of the People’s Orchestra. This orchestra has other sections in Boonah and Tamborine Mountain. (The Scenic Rim area covers over 4,200 square kilometres.) We will play in our respective areas, and together at the Finale, which is the Ramada Resort Kooralbyn Valley.

I rocked up to the The Centre in Beaudesert for the first rehearsal. It’s a beautiful arts space for performances and exhibitions, and who was there?

This lot!


Guitarist and composer Andrew Veivers is leading us all, and he wrote the song we’re performing. Andrew was quite effervescent, as he explained the thinking behind the music: the imagery, the stories. He’ll be coordinating the entire orchestral offering, as it fuses with the other performance elements of the event. It sounds like a very organic production! We listened to the song, then we sang it and played it. Melodica loved it!

Lovely Finella Loch of the Scenic Rim community choir A Choired Taste was so taken by Melodica that at one point I thought I was being replaced! Dream on, Finella. She’s mine!


During a break, Corinne Teese, of BAMS Theatre Inc asked me where she could buy one. Corinne thought it would be great on a camping trip, accompanying a ukelele, and I agree!

So when I was at Music Express today to pick up my latest order of piano books, I said:

Guys, show me your melodicas!

Music Express model Joel obliged. These babies are 32-key Hohners, and the store is also able to order a 37-key and standard black and white melodica. The prices are around the $100 mark. This doesn’t include the gorgeous Joel, though.


(My melodica is a Suzuki 37-key. I bought it in 2008, when I was still in London, for around £130. As they say, Have Melodica, Will Travel.)

Next rehearsal’s in a few weeks. Can’t wait 🙂

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