Video: Killer Queen piano cover using the iReal Pro chord app

The iReal Pro app is for musicians who read music in chord form, or use lead sheets. It allows you to keep thousands of songs in the most basic written format, on your phone, meaning less paper!

The amazing creator of this software is Massimo Biolcati, who plays acoustic bass, and wanted a way to fit lead sheets on to his phone. He found the PDFs too small to read, and designed a way to read a whole song on a phone screen.

At first, it was just about the chords, later he added metronome and backing tracks, and it became a practice tool as well. Originally for the iPhone, this app is now available for android.

I got this information from a great interview with Massimo Biolcati on Tim Topham’s website Meet The Musician Behind My Favourite App iReal Pro. It’s chatty and informative. Imagine being a great musician and a successful software developer too! The mind boggles. Here’s the app Facebook page. Lots of cool quotes from jazz musicians there too.

On this video I play “Killer Queen” and I did a screen recording with the app metronome on, so you can follow the chords.

It’s an alternative between playing 100% with sheet music and 100% by ear. And you pretty much don’t leave home without it!


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