Ellyse (aged 6) plays her first duet with me

[Posting clips of my students performing lets them know I’m proud of them. Learning music – like learning most things – is a series of little steps, every step significant, and hopefully taken with a sense of pleasure and adventure.]

Ellyse is playing her first duet with me! I’m very happy with her soft hands and fingers. 
I like duets because the kids must count accurately to play with me. 

Well done Ellyse!

2 thoughts on “Ellyse (aged 6) plays her first duet with me

  1. Hey Joe. Thanks for thinking of me. I can’t make rehearsals on week nights, and it’s probably not a good idea to have a musician that rocks up to a gig without ever having met the rest of the band. Good luck with your search, sounds like a nice gig. You should be able to find someone. Cheers, Joanna

  2. Hi Joanna

    How are you. Hope you gig in town went well.

    I play keyboard in the Redlands Big band and next Sunday week I have got clashing gigs. (I play bass in another group). I am looking for a pianist to deputise for me and was wondering if you are interested. There will be a rehearsal on Monday night (4th) and the gig is on Sunday the 10th for an hour. The gig is at Redfest in the Redlands area. Not difficult stuff and you should have no problem.

    Could you please call me/txt me if you can do it. I might add there is no payment involved. No problem if you can’t make it.

    My number is 0409 262 144.




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