Rocks in my garden

In my little home in North West London, I had a 100 ft long, narrow garden, with rose beds down one side, and herbs near the house. It was a simple garden with nothing but those wiggly green plastic borders, and I loved it. However something as grand as landscape rocks was just a faraway fancy then.

Now I live in a place where, with a bit of searching around, I can access rocks for free! Someone’s either knocking down a wall or clearing an area, and I jump into my car and pick up all I can physically carry. 

I can’t believe I can have these lovely rocks! Sandstone, granite, little quartz ones, I’m just in wonder every time I do my gardening. 

Yes little old me carried them all from the car, with the help of a neighbour’s wheelbarrow. 

A bit mad eh? But who cares! I’m so grateful to be able to enjoy this natural beauty. The old joints are stiff after heaving them around, but it’s worth every creak 😁.


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