Handwritten charts

I miss writing, I mean physical writing. I hardly ever hold a pen anymore! After seeing Parmis Rose’s beautiful charts, I decided to do something nice for myself: handwrite the words and chords to a song I’m learning.

Initially I tried writing the lyrics out like a poem, and putting the chords over the words, but this didn’t show me the timing of the chord changes. 

So I drew a grid with a pencil, with each box equivalent to a bar of four beats, and wrote the changes in. 

Then in massive writing 😁 I wrote the words underneath the chords.

Mike said, “Why don’t you just type it in a very big font?”

That would be efficient: create a table and away we go. But I wouldn’t get to hold a calligraphic pen, write on heavy paper, use a ruler and eraser… 

I guess there’s a bit of the Luddite in me somewhere. Back to basics? 


  1. kylieguthrig

    Lovely. There is also something more direct, more creative about actually writing, rather than using a keyboard and screen. I find that words flow more easily onto a page when I write longhand, especially as I am not a fluent typist. I fear the younger generation will lose the skill of physial writing all together and soon will be unable to scribble a shopping list on the back of an envelope, let alone, like Paul McCartney, compose memorable song lyrics on a serviette.

    1. Joanna

      Hi Kylie, as I wrote the chords, I heard them in my mind. Then I wrote the lyrics, hearing the chords over them again. I wouldn’t have any of that, typing it all out. But you never know, people are taking up colouring as a hobby, maybe it’s a trend. Thanks for reading.

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