Local Sabah Asian dessert glutinous rice paste, pandan leaves, palm sugar, kaya (coconut jam)

Sabah holiday 2015. Local tastes #1

Local dessert made with glutinous rice paste, flavoured with local ingredients like pandan leaves, palm sugar, kaya (coconut jam)

Banana fritters

Freshly made with bananas from my friend Adeline’s garden

Matcha float

Matcha (green tea) flavoured ice cream float

Two types of chicken rice

(L) Steamed (R) marinated in soy

Roast duck, soup and rice

Great tasting roast duck and broth, for under AUD 3!

(Top) Jook (bottom) pig's trotters

The jook (or rice congee or rice porridge) has sliced pork, black “century” eggs, seaweed, with sesame oil, freshly chopped garlic and chilli. Below is pig’s trotters braised in soy sauce, slow cooked for maximum gelatinous texture.

Roti canai with dahl and curry sauces, and when the tea is poured, the pouring arm is raises high, as if “pulling” the stream of tea. It creates a frothy layer on top of the tea.


Persimmon, at my cousin Helena’s house. She said this was from Korea.

The chicken is coated with fine crispy threads of egg, for a crunchy savoury buttery taste. The “wet” version has a thick buttery sauce.

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