Sabah holiday 2015. Webgrrrl Lorna Timbah

This is WordPresser Lorna Timbah, an amazing woman who works and lives in Kota Kinabalu.  I met her at a blogging event in KK, several years ago.

Lorna is committed to creating online communities to help people reach their goals. She’s amazingly generous with her time, considering she works in very geeky environments and is also a mummy of four.

, Sabah holiday 2015. Webgrrrl Lorna Timbah

Did you understand that? I didn’t. But she’s a lovely woman. I spent some time with Lorna the other night at another community event called DrinkEntrepreneurs in Kota Kinabalu. DrinkEntrepreneurs is a global social network brand getting business/geek/start-up types together. 

Here’s Lorna with colleagues who organised the event’s first launch in KK, Tomohito Chung and Ian Goh.

, Sabah holiday 2015. Webgrrrl Lorna Timbah

In the bottom left corner of the pic below, I’m with my cousin Chan Wei Hseng. He has been active in several start-up competitions, which Lorna has been involved with.

, Sabah holiday 2015. Webgrrrl Lorna Timbah

Hseng said these competitions provide great learning experiences in a very short time frame. In his case, his team won the opportunity to attend an intensive workshop in Kuala Lumpur. Hseng and his team are here below with Lorna.

, Sabah holiday 2015. Webgrrrl Lorna Timbah

Following regional competitions, Hseng’s team, with their app Pigeonchat, has been selected as one of the 12 finalists in Global Startup Battle 2015. This will bring their app to a global audience very soon.

Since I don’t know what the confidentiality rules are, sadly I’m not going to describe their app!  But I will report more, at a later date!

The team is: Wei Hseng Chan, Chan Hon Haung, David Lau & Daniel Tang

Good luck guys. Another example of people doing more, thanks to Lorna’s efforts to bring KK to the world via online community! Go Lorna 🙂

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