Made by my student

It’s that time of year when I bring home lovely presents; yummy goodies, things to make me smell and feel luxurious, and Christmas cards with gorgeous messages written in big handwriting.

However, seven year-old Nadya truly outdid herself, and I had to blog about it.

, Made by my student

She wrote in her card:

To Joanna
I made a poem for you about music. The end doesn’t rhyme though. From Nadya. Only me! (i.e., not too be mixed up with her siblings’ card.)

Here is the poem:

Everything can play music

Big or small, even tall
You can play this, one for all.
If you think you don’t have this
You are wrong.
You will have this so very long.
It’s just like one great big song!
Have you guessed it?
I guess not!
It is Music!
Everything can play music.
Even those who don’t have an instrument.

How wonderful is that? I believe in effort, and that makes me feel warm and cuddly all over.

But on top of that, Nadya made me a tiny present out of clay.

, Made by my student

It is a rabbit playing an upright piano, complete with pedals, sheet music, and black and white keys!

And on the back?

, Made by my student

Nadya, maybe Wallace and Gromit will want to make friends with my rabbit. I bet he plays great music, just like you! Thank you so much, practise a bit during the holidays, and I’ll see you, Btari and Rayhan next year! xxx

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