Roast pork crackling herbs aromatics rosemary, sage, thyme Australian meat


I think you have to come from somewhere else to appreciate just how magnificent the meat is, here in Australia. You can get good meat in England, but it’s more expensive. It’s impossible to get quality meat like this in Malaysia. When we moved here I thought: boy, you can feed a family on nutritious food, even on a budget.

I’m a basic cook while hubby Mike is more flash :-). I like to cook from scratch where possible, and to use fresh herbs and spices (preferably from my little garden of pots).


Since you can get whole cuts of meat here I think roasts are a no-brainer.

Mike likes to go to our local butcher, which is Pattons in Underwood. He turns up on the days when they cut their prices, and he’ll come back with a leg of lamb, or a pork leg or shoulder for about $5/kg.

leg of lamb, Australian meat, roast,
Lamb with rosemary, garlic and olive oil

We’re only a small family and I can feed us for a couple of days on one of those, between a roast, a stir fry or pie , and sandwiches for lunch.


As I get older I have developed a joy for doing things on the cheap! I think it’s because I’m becoming like my mum, and she was a post-war Chinese mum, habitually frugal to a fault! Saving all the little bottles of shampoo or little jars of jam from wherever. But I do that now too. Maybe we appreciate everything more as we age. What do you think?

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