Easy versions of Let It Go, Castle On A Cloud PDF

Here are a couple of songs I simplified for some young students. Click on them to see or download:

Let It Go

Castle on a Cloud

Let It Go was rewritten with almost no syncopation (no notes falling on the last half beat and tied over to the next bar.) My student plays it as she knows it anyway, and adds in the syncopation which isn’t written.  

I have even lost a bar of rests (it would have needed two full bars of rests to be faithful to the meter of the song, and there’s no way my little one would wait and count out two whole bars of rests).

Castle On A Cloud is simplified down to an AABA, and was taken from a collection of songs from the musicals, and further simplified.

I don’t know how the copyright thing goes, but obviously, I did not write any of these songs, I do not claim to have done anything original, I am not trying to sell anything. Actually, let’s do better than that…

Castle On A Cloud is from Les Misérables. Music by Claude-Michel Schönberg.
Let It Go is from Disney’s 2013 film Frozen. The music and lyrics were composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

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