Sendok Garpu 2015 Brisbane

My student’s mum at IndOz 2015 in Brisbane

My Indonesian students and their mum Diana were at IndOz 2015, at King George Square in Brisbane. Diana cooked some of the meals for newly-appointed Indonesian President Joko Widodo during G20 in Brisbane in 2014, so Mike and I visited her at the Sendok Garpu stall!

IndOz 2015 BrisbaneIndOz 2015 is a cultural exchange opportunity, and King George Square was lined on one side with food stalls, and on the other side with reps from TAFE, UQ, Visit Indonesia Tourism, and others.

The Mayor of Brisbane, Graham Quirk, gave a speech highlighting the cultural exchange with Indonesia, in particular the ties between Brisbane and its sister city Semarang. He acknowledged the large presence of Indonesian students in the Queensland education system, and added lightheartedly that he just couldn’t imagine running an administration responsible for 17,000 (Indonesian) islands.

There were dancers and bands on this perfectly sunny day (that’s so typical here, and it’s actually still winter!)

Lovely Diana gave us Nasi Padang (rice, beef rendang, vegetable curry) and Nasi Ayam Kalasan (coconut rice, soy chicken and chili. The chili had ginger in it and was on my salad, my mouth is watering as I remember it. But I was so keen to eat… that I forgot to take a picture! Aiya…

Here’s the sign outside the stall. Mike wants to try the restaurants. He says one is in Coopers Plain and the other in Indooroopilly. He loves Indonesian food and raves about it when he plays golf there.

Sendok Garpu, IndOz 2015 Brisbane

Thank you Diana for telling us about this and feeding us! xxx


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