Bringing books to my students

There are so many fun piano books out there, for kids and for adults. But I can’t buy them all to bring around to my students.

So I had a chat with Music Express‘ owner. Sorted! I can now pick what I want and let them know when I sell something. How’s that for a great working relationship?

Kid in candy store time! I picked several things I thought my kids, or adults might like. I particularly love duets. It can be a lonely deal learning piano and two people playing together is a great experience. And I get to play with my students!

My students always have one work book. I want their technical ability to improve and the lesson books introduce whatever the next concept is in a logical manner.

I have teenagers on adult learner books, and some of those songs are…well… just not from their era. I still want us to work through those lessons, but let’s find something that’s a little lighter to play too! In the future I hope they will tell me what to look out for, for them.

So I hit the road with my books today, and the students are going for it! It’s a great feeling to see them like what I picked for them. Can’t wait to show the rest next week.


  1. Kylie

    I’m a fan of “Hal Leonard Student Piano Library” for Workbooks. The Basic series is called “Piano Lessons”. Despite the “Big Name Publisher” the content is interesting, educationally sound, and presented appealingly for Kids. The “Adult” version is good too. One of the reasons I like it for the more serious student is it gets away from the “Middle C” position and “C Five Finger Position” etc. by moving the hands a note here and there, hence forcing the student to be more aware of actual note-reading, not just the “Finger Numbers”. One to try, perhaps! šŸ™‚

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