Favela and My One and Only Love, with John Stefulj VIDEO

Since there was such nice feedback about the melodica video, here are a couple of songs with my friend John Stefulj. John’s friend Justin Harding recorded these for us. There is a plan to make a proper demo, but Justin’s a very busy guy and that might take a while.

John teaches all wind instruments at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, known locally as “The Con”. He also teaches at several schools in Queensland.

He actually plays just about everything under the sun.

I saw him the other night at this event with another amazing musician Jose McLaughlin. John managed to blow a tune out of a sawn-off copper pipe, and there were rubber chickens under seats in the auditorium, for the audience to join in… get the picture?

Yes he’s mad.

He’s also the kindest bloke ever. We meet once a month to run through songs, with me on piano and him on saxes, flute, double bass and anything else he fancies. But I’ve put my foot down to rubber chickens. (Really, I’m so sensible I don’t know why he’s still around.)

When you play piano alone, you have to play your own bass, harmony, melody. John says I can lose the root in the left hand, explore new chord arrangements and play higher up, when he’s on the bass. It’s lovely having someone so cool to play with and learn from. Plus the acoustic bass is such a beautiful instrument! All that old-fashioned dark, rich wood!

As an aside, looking at those videos, I think my short hair has to go. Time to grow it again.



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