Waltzing Matilda on melodica VIDEO

I  took my trusty melodica (hmm, I need to give it a name) to an audition last month to be part of an orchestra performing in the Queensland Music Festival.

QMF is celebrating the city of Logan this year, and this orchestra will be performing August 1-2 in the festival finale.

I was grilled: did my melodica need tuning? (No). They tested its pitch with a tuner.

What’s its range? (3 octaves starting on F below middle C, so I guess it’s an alto).

Can I play chords on it? (Yep!)

Play two short songs of contrasting styles to demonstrate the range of the instrument. (I played “Come Back To Sorrento”, a pretty and melancholy Italian song, then finished with the jaunty Waltzing Matilda.)

And now we’re in! First rehearsal is in a couple of weeks!

The old melodica doesn’t get much good press, but I love mine and am doing my part to bring it to the world! My YouTube channel isn’t MelodicaMum for nothing 🙂

SBS will cover the festival, so maybe she’ll (yes, I think my melodica is a girl) get some coverage too.

Melodica needs a name…suggestions welcome.



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