Rica (10) plays and sings Count On Me VIDEO

Rica is ten. She loves to sing and wants to accompany herself on the piano. She’s a wonderful, passionate student and a joy to teach. She takes everything I show her and turns it upside down and inside out to get the most out of it.

We worked on a few new chords for her right hand, and while I was writing notes into her book, she started playing them with her left hand too. I watched her and thought: How I WISH I had the presence of mind to learn like that when I was ten! This girl will learn everything she wants to, with or without a teacher.

We have a one hour lesson. In the first half we work out the chords for the songs she wants to sing. Since I’m an oldie 😦 sometimes I need to watch YouTube to get the idea of the song. I write some scales for her, in the same keys as the chords she is learning.

In the second half of the lesson we continue with her work book, which is Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course Lesson Book: Level One. Although Rica’s only ten, I couldn’t see starting her on anything other than an adult learner book.

My husband just said that ACDC made a few million with three chords. Rica, the world’s your oyster. See you next week!

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