Btari plays a whimsical piece VIDEO

[Posting clips of my students performing lets them know I’m proud of them. Learning music – like learning most things – is a series of little steps, every step significant, and hopefully taken with a sense of pleasure and adventure.]

Here’s Btari playing Stairway, an AMEB Grade 1 Piano for Leisure piece. Btari’s learnt this off by heart and plays it like she’s taking a whimsical stroll. But however whimsical you are Btari, please remember to play the last note!!! Haha 😀

Since I teach my students at their homes, I haven’t been organising concerts for them to perform in, as you might expect if they were taking lessons at a music school. I think I can do something about this soon, as I have a nice venue in mind.

In the meantime, I notice my students like being recorded, and to me – it’s kind of performing, even if it’s only for my blog! At least they can share the link with their aunties and uncles.



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