Who made my day? Nadya!

[Posting clips of my students lets them know I’m proud of them. Learning music – like learning most things – is a series of little steps, every step significant, and hopefully taken with a sense of pleasure and adventure.]

Nadya made my day wonderful. My five-year-old student greeted me, waving a piece of paper.

“I drew this for you! It’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!”

I haven’t really studied solfège, so I counted on my fingers quickly, whispering do, re, mi… each time. Yep it works. She got it from YouTube. This is her fifth or sixth lesson with me. Before she started, her mum said Nadya would probably concentrate for ten minutes max, so we tagged her lesson onto the end of her brother and sister’s piano lessons.

Ten minutes? I have a hard time wrapping it up after thirty minutes! Nadya is a ray of sunshine at the end of my day. I started her on the wonderful songs by Susan Paradis, “Right Hand, Left Hand,” and “Wiggly Worms”. All my young students love Susan’s pre-reader songs. They’re so visual, and so much fun to play! Now Nadya’s reading and playing notes on the stave, using a John Thompson book.

Here’s Nadya playing “Right Hand, Left Hand”

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    1. You know, my left hand is definitely not as strong as my right. I always look for beginner books which introduce right and left hand songs at the same time. Not 15 songs with the right hand before starting on the left. Wish we could play together NOW!

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