What Is This Thing Called (Melodica) Love? VIDEO

I love my melodica. It’s a beaut – a Suzuki Pro-37. When I worked in an office in London I had a small, light blue one which I played occasionally in my lunch hour. I busked at a nearby park and if I earned any money I’d buy some cake from Safeway and bring it back to work for afternoon coffee and cake.

Many people don’t know about melodicas. I realised this when I played it at a jam session at Sutera Harbour Resort when I first got to Sabah, Malaysia. The photographers had a field day and later posted pictures like this on their Facebook pages with the caption: “What is that thing called?”

melodica jam

Through these pictures, I met a lot of musicians. This led to the birth of my blog SabahSongs and the start of my youtube account MelodicaMum. MelodicaMum uploads videos of melodica plus my other mostly musical experiences since 2009.

MelodicaMum made some cool youtube friends, and a few became friends in person, even from across the globe.

Here’s Krabbers – he’s is an English ukelele player. During my one trip back to England in 2009 we actually jammed at Guildford Cathedral! We are wearing plastic forks. Don’t ask why.

We melodica players are few but we are proud! Here is Spanish MELODICA ON THE WATER. These guys rock!

Here’s CONCIERTO DE ARANJUEZ as the intro to Chick Corea’s SPAIN. I loved Suhaimi Jamli’s shimmering cymbals accompanying me – we’d never rehearsed and that was the first time I met him! That’s so Sabah for you.

Perhaps one of the most bizarre friendships was with KENNY AND THE CAPTAINS. They started MelodicaTube. These mad kids worked in a music store somewhere in the world and played melodica covers of everything.

As a melodica mum, you know I loved this MELODICA MUPPETS vid.

The Circle of Melodica

Serendipity graces melodica players. I figured out that Kenny and his cohorts worked at a music store in Australia, and when I moved to Queensland I emailed him. I liked some of their melodicas – especially a fire red one. Maybe he could ship one to me.

He said he could do better than that.


“We’re about 30 minutes drive from where you live.”

Holy cow.

It gets better. Kenny’s store is MUSIC EXPRESS in Upper Mt Gravatt, QLD. They have a specialist guitar outlet, and a keyboard one – and now I give piano lessons from their music studios.

Here’s Kenny without masks or other head gear. He’s in the shop reading about Sabah musicians in my book. What a coincidence!

SabahSongs book with Kenny in Music Express

Melodica for music; melodica for Life.

If you would like to play a melodica do feel free to contact me at Music Express, or use the contact form on the homepage of this blog.


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