“Fairy Tales” by Roger Wang

I’m so stoked about my new adventures in Brisbane, but those musical ties with Sabah are still going strong! Sabahan fingerstyle guitarist Roger Wang asked me to check out his music video. Ah, it pressed some good buttons for me. Here’s a review of it.


(BRISBANE, Australia) Even from across the Indian Ocean, musical Sabah is reaching out to me.

Roger Wang shows us that reaching the pinnacle in his career as a fingerstyle jazz guitarist is no reason to lose the desire to learn and explore new areas of artistry.

Made for Father’s Day in Sabah, “Fairy Tales” is a music video with a cast of Lego characters. This is Roger’s first recording of his singing voice, after over a decade of international recognition as a jazz instrumentalist. Fitting then, that this new challenge should be to sing a song of hopes and dreams to his young daughter, Sara.

“This is the most important song I have ever written,” he said. It doesn’t come more personal than that.

Making the video

It’s also the first video he has made himself, and here’s what he said about it.

The song was inspired by my daughter’s obsession with fairy…

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